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How To Tell A Fake Rolex From an Original.

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How to differentiate a fake Rolex from an original.


When buying an expensive watch one is confronted by the difficulties of differentiating a fake from an original. These days to tell the difference is difficult and one ends up being conned hard-earned cash. When buying watches that are some thousands of dollars one has to take a lot of caution to avoid losing money. Many watch collectors are familiar with what to check if the watch is genuine or fake.

  1. Where you're buying the watch from matters. If the person selling the watches is not a dealer or is dealing with a variety of other items, that may tell you most likely the watch is fake.
  2. The cost of the watch alone may alert you that the watch could be fake. Most original Rolex watches cost a fortune. If it's very cheap or the discount is huge, consider sending it to an experienced person to authenticate it.
  3. The watch movement. If the watch is quartz, then it is fake. Rolex have been making mechanical watches for along time. 
  4. The weight of the watch. If the watch is very light then authenticate it too. Rolex watches are manufacture using original material which makes them heavy.
  5. The Strap. In the original watch, the strap is smooth on all joints if its metallic. The buckle is easy to close. If you encounter difficulties when closing the watch, then its most likely fake.
  6. The Crown Head. The Crown is screwable back in the base to prevent water leakage. Some fake are also able to do this function well. When you look closely to the threading where the crown is screwed, then in the fake you will find some inconsistencies. The original feels easy to screw back. If you find some irregularities on this, check your watch well before you part with your money.

Rolex Date adjust

  1. Packing Boxes and documents. As most fake watches also try to imitate the original, their printing looks cheap and made in hurry.
  2. Warranty. If your seller has no ability to offer warranty then most likely the watch is fake

Most people take time before buying an original Rolex. Its perfectly in order to take time and authenticate the watch before buying. After buying an original Rolex, one has made a lifetime investment as the watch appreciates on price even when sold as second hand.

Rolex Yacht master II



You can buy your watch to authorised agents who have passed your authentication test. Its is painful to buy a fake Rolex that will have no value in the market when you require to resell.



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  • want to buy Rolex with atractive price (used one..but un a V.G.condition.)
    if possible…but not Fake ??
    Thank you.

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