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Watch wearing has been taken over by time. We used to wear watches for keeping time only. We never regarded watches in any other way. An accurate watch was all we needed. Time has changed. We can tell time from many gadgets in our lives. We tell time from clocks in our phones, cars walls cookers just to mention but a few. Everywhere you look there is a gadget with a clock. Why wear watches?

Automatic Watch



Today watches are regarded as a symbol of well being. A fashion statement for that matter. A watch is a gadget to complete our attire. We need to wear the best-looking watches not to tell time, but to impress. Many a time I have found myself wearing a dead but impressive watch. When you wear an expensive and impressive watch you portray a statement of success. Watch manufacturers don't make watches for time telling anymore but make them as expensive jewellery.


If you to impress wear watches that look expensive and durable. Arrange to have more watches in your wardrobe for the purpose of matching them with different types of dresses or suits. A watch for a different occasion makes you look like a person with fashion tastes. Sports Watches are ideal with a sports suit. If your attending sports, this the watch to wear. Office watches need to be of moderate size in case of men. Big watches in the office when wearing a suit may look out of place. Causal watch for parties should be a decorative watch like Skeleton hollow mechanical watch. It will raise eyebrows while making you stand out in the crowd. Digital watches also do well as sports or office wear. Sometimes a good digital watch is ideal as casual wear. A Short sleeve shirt goes while with a big size watch.

Tourbillon WatchGOLD WATCHES



Gold has fascinated human being since time immemorial. A good gold-coated watch is ideal to match with a gold ring. This makes a very impressive statement in married men. It evokes a feeling of seriousness. 

In women, gold watches tend to match well with most women apparatus. A gold necklace complements a gold watch. A Handbag with gold shoulder strap chain also makes it look better. Brouse with gold-coated buttons makes it look better. A fashioned woman can make a gold theme dressing easily. 


Leather has been an item of luxury for a very long time. A leather strap watch is easy to match with different leather items and compliments your dress. Leather shoes of the same colour as the strap is a good idea. For women, a good leather handbag or purse is also welcomed.


When buy your watches look for various types of movement to complement your style. Most recommended are Self-winding mechanical movements, Mechanical manual-winding watches, quartz movement, tourbillon kinetic movement. More recently IOS operating system watches like Apple and Android watches have entered the market. 
Sculpture Watch


Having a variety of different watches keeps on top of the fashion industry. You don't have to look out of place on any occasion. Shop for you watches diligently to have affordable watches in your collection.


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